Dental Implants


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If missing teeth have been dimming your confidence and holding you back, our dental implant solutions are here to restore your smile. From a Smile Design full mouth restoration to implant-supported bridges, our modern technology and experienced team is here to help!

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an innovative tooth replacement that mimics your teeth' natural structure and function. They consist of small titanium posts that a dentist attaches to the jawbone and act as anchors for crowns, bridges, or other replacements.  

Once the implants fuse with the bone through osseointegration, they create a long-lasting and functional smile.

When Do You Need Dental Implants?

  • If you have one or more missing teeth.

  • If you require complete mouth restoration.

  • If you want to improve your ability to speak and eat.

  • If you're tired of uncomfortable dentures.

  • If you feel self-conscious about your missing teeth.

Our Dental Implant Options

Smile Design Full Mouth Reconstruction

Our SmileDesign procedure is a comprehensive full mouth restoration that involves placing dental implants to support custom, natural-looking replacements. Depending on the number of missing teeth, our dentist can place crowns, bridges, or dentures to complete your smile.

Full Arch Implants  

If you're missing an entire arch of teeth, our full arch implant solutions are designed to fix your smile. By using multiple dental implants, we can secure a fixed set of prosthetic teeth that look and work like natural teeth.

Single Implants

Our single implant option is an excellent choice for patients with one missing tooth. We carefully place an implant in the gap and attach a customized crown that blends with your natural teeth. This solution not only restores the aesthetics of your smile but also prevents adjacent teeth from shifting.

Implant-Supported Bridges

An implant-supported bridge can be ideal if you have multiple missing teeth. We can replace a row of teeth with a secure and stable restoration by anchoring the bridge to dental implants.

Book a Visit to River Valley Dental for Quality Dental Implants

If you're considering dental implants or would like to explore your tooth replacement options, please book a visit to River Valley Dental. Contact us today!