Understanding Dental Anxiety and Its Causes

Would you agree that the dentist is more likely one of the last people you’ll look forward to seeing? Believe it or not, many people fear visiting a dentist in Sergeantsville, NJ. Some fear even simple dental procedures like teeth whitening, tooth extraction, or even teeth cleaning. It is associated with dental anxiety, and if not treated sooner, can lead to complex dental issues.    

Some might say people refusing to go to their dentist are lazy and irresponsible about their dental health. But here are several things you should know to help you better understand dental phobias. 

patient scared of dentist in Sergeantsville NJ

4 Common Causes of Dental Anxiety  

Fear of Embarrassment  

Some feel conscious about the condition of their teeth or breath. They may fear that the dentist will judge them for not taking care of their oral health.    

Solution: It’s essential to find a dentist who understands you and makes you feel comfortable. The more comfortable you get with your dentist, the more you’ll be able to talk about your dental concerns.   

Remember that dentists deal with other people’s mouths every single day, so they’ve already been used to any mouth odor or sight you could think of!  

Fear of Pain  

This common type of fear may be caused by a painful dental experience in the past or hearing stories from others. You never want to feel pain, and that’s completely understandable.   

Solution: It’s critical to find a dentist who considers your dental fears and gives you time to ease them before working on your mouth. But it's best if you also remember that dentistry has evolved, and dental advancements like dental sedation exist. Sedation dentistry makes every dental procedure pain-free.  

Fear of Being Out of Control  

Staying still on the dental chair while your dentist provides treatment and not seeing what’s happening can cause vulnerability. Feeling like you’re out of control of the situation can result from a head or neck trauma or a history of domestic violence.   

Solution: Understanding the procedure you’ll go through helps alleviate being helpless or vulnerable. Your dentist won’t mind if you ask questions before the treatment. The more you know, the more comfortable you get.  

Fear of Needles  

The fear of needles is also pervasive, especially in those who have experienced being hurt or pricked by one. Just the thought of the dentist using objects in your mouth could already sound dreadful – causing you to overthink and be more scared.   

Solution: Distracting yourself while your dentist is in the process helps alleviate the sting of the needle. You can think of your favorite movie or anything that gives you happy thoughts. You can even ask your dentist if you can bring your headset so you can listen to your favorite music during the treatment. 

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