Things to Do After Dental Extractions

After dental extractions in Hunterdon County, you'll want to thank your dentist for getting rid of your tooth pain. It's very annoying to have a toothache in the middle of your busy schedule or while you're having a sumptuous meal with your loved ones.  

There are a lot of reasons that contribute to tooth decay. The most common is poor oral hygiene. Maybe you feel so tired at night you skip brushing your teeth. You should know that allowing food particles to sit on your teeth for a long time causes plaque, tartar, and eventually a cavity. But whatever the reason for your damaged tooth, the important thing is you got help from a dental professional.  

While all other options will be considered first, removing your damaged tooth is sometimes the only option.  

a closer look at a tooth an expert in dental extractions in Hunterdon County just pulled

What to Do After Having a Tooth Extracted  

Follow Soft-food Diet  

After a tooth extraction procedure, your gums will need time to heal. Depending on the number of teeth extracted and location, your doctor might require you to follow a strict soft-food-only diet. But you don't have to worry because it's only temporary. Once your gums have healed, you can go back to eating your favorite foods.

Dental extractions make your gums temporarily vulnerable to infections. Your dentist wouldn't want you to experience this, so you’ll need to follow simple post-op instructions like eating. It would be best if you refrained from eating food that falls in the chewy or crunchy categories.  

Just a quick tip, you might want to spoil yourself with your favorite food days before your scheduled dental extraction. It'll help you miss your most-loved food less. It's undeniable that food gives us comfort, but if it's for your dental health, a little abstinence won't hurt.  

Get Plenty of Rest  

Like any other dental procedure, you'll need to rest after getting a tooth extracted. It's also great if you can schedule your tooth extraction on your days off. Exhausting yourself too much after your dental procedure will only stress your gums. Your gums might get infected when this happens, and the recovery will take longer.  

It would also help to get somebody you can trust to drive you home from the dental office. It would be beneficial, especially if you have dental fears and have undergone dental sedation. Depending on the extent of your dental anxiety, your dentist might need to sedate you, leaving you with a feeling of drowsiness after the procedure.  

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Do You Have Questions About Dental Extractions in Hunterdon County?  

Dealing with dental issues is never easy, but River Valley Dental can at least help you get rid of them in the best ways we know possible. Our team of dedicated dental professionals is committed to providing proper dental care to our patients. You're assured that your dental health is in good hands with us.  

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