Best Food for Your Teeth 

Avoiding bad food for your teeth isn’t always enough to keep your teeth healthy. You need some support to help keep them clean, strong, and away from cavities. If you don’t want to get tooth extractions in Frenchtown, you better keep track of these healthy foods.  

best foods to eat to avoid teeth extractions in Frenchtown

Healthy Foods List  

Dairy Products  

Cheese, milk, yogurt, and other dairy products high in calcium and vitamin D3 are especially effective in fortifying your teeth. Calcium-rich foods improve bone density and help preserve the tooth's enamel. Dairy products are also known to have lower sugar and acid levels that can cause tooth decay.

Green and Black Teas  

Green and black tea contain essential nutrients called polyphenols that help eliminate and suppress plaque-causing bacteria in the mouth. These phytochemicals also act as antioxidants that help protect our bodies from free radical damage and remove toxins from the body. Make sure that you make it a habit of drinking green or black tea after every meal to help reduce the risk of plaque build-up.  

Leafy Greens  

Leafy greens are a staple in any healthy food list for obvious reasons. This food group is packed with different essential vitamins and minerals to help protect your overall well-being. Leafy greens such as spinach and broccoli are high in calcium and B vitamins that can help treat gum diseases and strengthen your teeth. If you’re planning to add something to your diet on this list, you can never go wrong with leafy greens.  


Fiber-rich foods like carrots can help keep your teeth and gums healthy. They can also increase your saliva production, which helps clean your mouth and prevent cavities. Snacking on carrots has been proven to reduce the effects of acids and the formation of bacteria that causes tooth decay.  

Soft Fruits  

Soft fruits such as pears, oranges, and apples might contain a fair amount of glucose; however, they're also high in vitamins and fiber. The different vitamins and minerals that you get from these fruits can help strengthen your blood vessels and slow down gum diseases and infections. The soft and sweet texture of the fruit also aids in saliva production, which helps remove cavity-causing bacteria.  


While most berries are known to cause teeth stains, they’re also rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is proven to improve your immune system and other bodily functions when consumed. The only problem with this vitamin is that too much direct consumption could lead to an increased risk of tooth decay because of its acids.  


Water is the quintessential drink for anyone who wants to stay healthy. It’s the most beneficial drink you can consume since it contains no additives that can harm your oral health. Drinking water daily can help remove any food particles that get stuck in your mouth after eating. So, make it a habit to drink plain water after every meal.  

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